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How It Works

For Members

How you make money

You view websites in 15 seconds sessions via the "View Ads" page. Once the 15 seconds is up, you'll either get a green tick  sign or a red X. The green tick  sign means you have earned 0.0004 and as premium member 0.0004 for the visit and the X means you have not earned money for the visit. You'll get red X when you have more than one website from the "View Ads" page open. When this happens, you get no credit.

A valuable benefit to both the members and the advertisers is the repeat exposure that the advertiser gets. Whenever you click and view a website, you can visit that website again in 24 hours as long as the visit cap has not been reached. That's right! After 24 hours you can click and view the website again. This gives the advertiser optimal exposure by using "repeat advertising" and it further increases the members earning potential.

Earnings example;

You click 10 ads per day = 0.0035
20 referrals click 10 ads per day = 0.07
Your daily earnings = 0.0735
Your weekly earnings = 0.5145
Your monthly earnings = 2.205

While we have no way of knowing how many ads will be available on a per week basis, we do know that FreeTL is growing rapidly and advertisers are discovering the true potential of our service. We have just started and our advertiser base is small so BE PATIENT! Over the next coming months you'll see an increase in the ads which will only increase your earnings! This is not a get-rich-scheme or scam, but it can put some extra money in your pocket!

For Advertisers

Setting up and displaying your link for FreeTL members to visit is fast and simple. We charge 0.0686 per 100 member visits and each visit will last at least 15 seconds. Outside visits are unlimited and included within the price. Bigger packages are given at discounted rates. You need an account to order, simply register from here, and from your "Dashboard" click on "New Ad" and fill out the form and pay the fee. We will review your website and will have it active within 24 hours. We will not accept websites that promote adult content or illegal activity or sites that use frame breakers. This is classified as "un-targeted advertising" because it is available to be visited by all members. Furthermore, one of the greatest benefits of advertising with FreeTL is if your ad stays active for a long enough time, it will be picked up by search engines like Google and will give your site an extremely high page rank because you're linked from a high traffic website!

PLEASE make sure that your server can support the amount of requests that your site will get. You'll have no way of pausing or canceling your ad once it becomes active.